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3D Measuring Machine

The 3D measuring machine is one of the most effective methods for measuring and obtaining dimensional data, because it can replace a variety of surface measuring tools and expensive combined gauges, and reduce the time required for complex measurement tasks from hours to minutes. The effect that other instruments can't achieve. 3D measuring machine uses advanced hardware to make the instrument measurement more precise and improve the stability of the device.
The 3D measuring machine transforms the physical object into a digital technology related to the CAD model, geometric model reconstruction technology and product manufacturing technology, which belongs to the reverse engineering of the modern design manufacturing process. 3D measuring machine mainly includes the host mechanical system, the probe system, the electrical control hardware system, and the data processing software system. The three-axis guide rails are equipped with self-cleaning preloaded high-precision air bearings for smoother motion and never worn rails.
3D measuring machine is widely used in machinery, electronics, molds, hardware, plastics, watches, automobiles and other industries. Bolaier is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of 3d measuring machine in China. We offer the best Chinese 3d measuring machine for sale. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap 3d measuring machine with high quality and lower price from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
* Excellent self-learning capabilities make measurement of complex workpieces easy;
* High-performance timing belt transmission not only achieves high speed and acceleration to improve measurement efficiency;
* The unique guide rail section ensures large guide air bearing span under small inertia conditions, which greatly improves the accuracy of the guide rail;
* The pneumatic balance device can be used to adjust the balance force conveniently when configuring different probe systems;
* The reliable anti-rotation design allows for high precision even when using the probe extension;
* Advanced nonlinear spring system reduces the influence of the small error of the guide rail on the measurement accuracy, and ensures the higher environmental temperature adaptability of the device.
3D measuring machine is suitable for measuring fine parts, fragile parts, deformable parts and some positions that probes can't touch.
3D Measuring Machine
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