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CMM Machine

CMM machine refers to an instrument that can calculate various geometric shapes and sizes and other measuring capabilities through a CMM software system based on the point data returned by the probe system in a three-dimensional measurable spatial range. Its innovative mechanical design, powerful software functions, and rich models and configurations can meet customers' requirements for measurement of accuracy and efficiency, especially for users in the aerospace, aerospace, automotive and other industries.
The quality of the CMM machine in mechanical structure, motion control, measurement software, etc. has been fully verified. The core components are executed in accordance with strict standards, and the well-known brands are used to ensure the quality of the equipment. The CMM machines are purposeful in structural design and material selection. At the same time, it can support a variety of trigger, scanning and non-contact detection systems, enabling this CMM machine to be applied in different fields and at different stages.
At the core of CMM is software development as a process, and process monitoring and research on software development and maintenance based on this principle to make it more scientific, standardized, and enable companies to better achieve business goals. Bolaier is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of cmm machine in China. We offer the best Chinese cmm machine for sale. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap cmm machine with high quality and lower price from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
* The three-axis is made of granite material that is not sensitive to temperature, and the temperature effect is the same, which reduces the influence of temperature on accuracy.
* The X guide rail adopts precise beam, light weight, low center of gravity, strong bidirectional rigidity and small dynamic error, which makes the precision more stable.
* The key components are made of aerospace aluminum alloy die-casting, which is treated by special processes to ensure the long-term stability of the components.
* The aluminum alloy frame can reduce the key point in the early stage of ensuring the rigidity, and guarantee the high-speed and smooth operation of the equipment.
* The core components are all well-known brands, which guarantee the accuracy, stability and efficiency of the CMM machine.
CMM machine can accurately measure the size and shape tolerance of various medium and large mechanical parts, thus completing tasks such as part inspection, shape measurement, reverse engineering and process control.
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