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CMM Inspection

GREAT-D | Gantry-Type CMM Features: GREAT-D series M easuring M achine is designed for ultra-large workpiece measurement, and its open-type gantry structure has high dynamics and stability, floor-type design meet the need for larger measuring range parts, which may obtain more flexible moving......
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GREAT-D | Gantry-Type CMM    


GREAT-D series Measuring Machine is designed for ultra-large workpiece measurement, and its open-type gantry structure has high dynamics and stability, floor-type design meet the need for larger measuring range parts, which may obtain more flexible moving space and facilitate loading、unloading and measurement for large-size and heavy workpiece....    


The open-type landing gantry structure is available, so as to facilitate the loading and unloading and measurement of the large-size and heavy workpiece. The dual optical scales system can be arranged, thereby, further improving the precision and stability of the machine.    

All guide rails use the high-precision & rigidity air bearing, and the rigidity and stability of the machine are improved by means of the encircling guide rail type layout design, so that the high precision can also be maintained even if working for a long time, and meanwhile, the excellent dynamic characteristics of the machine are ensured;    

Three-axis guide rail are made of high-quality granite, which could keep the same temperature characteristics, and then, have good temperature stability and anti-aging deformation ability, good rigidity and minimum geometry deformation.    

The application of non-linear spring reduces the influence of minor error of the slide way towards the measuring precision, meanwhile it also guarantees machine's higher adaptability to the environmental temperature.    

Z-axis's torsion plays a critical role in the precision of a CMM. Its reliable anti- torsion structure design also can achieve a high precision in the case of using probe extension bar. Z-axis adopts the adjustable pneumatic balance device , which can adjust the counterbalance with facility although equipped with different probe systems, so that it can reach the best state..   

The imported high-precision air filter on the machine can assure the ultra high cleanliness of the compressed air, so that could effectively protecting the air bearing and guide rail,meanwhile, the automatic drainage device makes operators economical with time and effort, avoiding the possible harm to the machine caused by man-made negligence.

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CMM Sensor Systems --- RENISHAW

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CMM Control System --- Lead NOVA / Renishaw UCC

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LEAD Factory


Our Service

Service Philosophy

By adhering to the philosophy of service always on the way, engineers from Lead Measurement Technology Center provide customers with timely, considerate and thoughtful after-sales value-added services regardless of whether the equipment is within warranty period or not.


We answer all your service requests on the phone in time and offer technical assistance in response to your needs via phone call, fax and email.

Measuring system upgrading and reconstruction

The most advanced measuring machine control system and sophisticated measuring software are configured into measuring machines developed in early times to upgrade them to modern advanced level with cost of only 1/4-1/3 of new machine purchase expense.

Calibration service

Through periodic calibration and correction, your measuring machine will be calibrated to the highest precision all the time to ensure the reliability of measured results.

Professional software customization and upgrading

Lead is endowed with strong software development capacity with multiple available software options, including the software for vane, cam and screw thread measurement or professional measurement solution dedicatedly designed for customer.

Contract service

High-standard scheduled maintenance to ensure reliable operation and prolong the service life of the machine.

Spare parts in abundant supply

Spare parts and measuring head and probe in abun-dant supply let your use the machine at ease.

Skill training and technical communication

Professional custom-made training are available for customers to improve their detecting ability; technical discussion is held regularly for customers to exchange ideas about operating experience to improve their troubleshooting abilities.

Equipment relocation, installation and com-missioning services

Experienced software and application engineers will offer technical guidance in the course of equipment relocation, installation and commissioning.

Custom-made special fixture

We provide customers with flexible multifunctional fixtures to simplify the measuring technique and improve the measuring efficacy and precision.

Custom-made measuring machine technical solution

Supported by our professional R&D team, we offer custom-made coordinate measuring machine technical solution as per customer's requirement to recommend the equipment matching customer's special measuring needs. 

Detection and Programming Services

Rest assured, you can hand the measuring machine maintenance work over to our maintenance specialist and we can ensure you the followings:

■ Prompt service response     ■ Equipment hidden problem prevention and elimination in advance

■ Productivity enhancement    ■ Equipment failure rates deciease

■ Service life prolonging     ■ Custom-made technical solution made by specialist


Our professional and experienced application engineer can assist you in programming parts for programs to improve the detection stability and efficiency based on your product detection

and measuring demands.

Well stocked spare parts and Components

Lead has well supplied spare parts inventory, being able to offer you professional and thoughtful after sales spare parts purchasing enquiry, quotation, shipment and payment services.

■ Please contact our seller or distribution to order spare parts.

■ Please dial our 24h customer service hotline for order placing.

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