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Dirt Bike for Kids

This dirt bike for kids is equipped with professional shock absorbers and off-road tires, and the drum front brakes are also suitable for a child's needs. It is also equipped with a new engine designed for high performance and ease of use, with a housing reed valve inlet and a mechanical power valve system for durability and reliability. This dirt bike for kids is powerful and fun, providing a quality ride for those who wish to enter the motorcycle. The dirt bike is a specially designed car for off-road use. It is equipped with a two-wheel drive, a high chassis, a good grip tire, a high exhaust pipe, a large horsepower and a large and strong bumper.
The redesigned dirt bike for kids is a cute choice for mini-motorcyclists. Drilled disc brakes provide excellent braking power and a fully enclosed chain guard covering the drive chain prevents debris from flying over and hitting the rider or important bicycle components. The overall construction quality is unparalleled. The aerodynamic design of this dirt bike for kids is great, it has enough power to go uphill and tilt. Children will feel that they are racing adult-sized off-road vehicles and it will definitely be one of their favorite toys.
The dirt bike for kids is the ultimate children's electric bike. For safety reasons, it has three speeds that can be easily selected with a key lock so you can control your child's safe speed. This dirt bike is equipped with front and rear manual disc brakes that allow those who are inexperienced to easily park. Bolaier is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of dirt bike for kids in China. We offer the best Chinese dirt bike for kids for sale. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap dirt bike for kids with high quality and lower price from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
1. Lightweight, easy to handle and easy to store.
2. Torque handle acceleration control gives you unprecedented speed control of your bike.
3. The front and rear disc brakes are safe and reliable and provide sufficient braking force.
4. Fully enclosed chain guards prevent impact or damage to critical components.
5. Equipped with all the necessary batteries and chargers.
6. Equipped with an automatic centrifugal clutch for easy start-up.
7. The fully automatic transmission provides excellent power.
8. Don't forget to wear safety gear.