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Fat Tire Scooter

The fat tire scooter is a minimalist scooter with a fat/wide tire that balances the scooter. Easy to use, this fat tire scooter means you can use it in every aspect of your daily life, which requires some transportation. As an electric transportation method, it is reasonably priced, reliable and energy efficient. Thanks to its functionality, impressive style and outstanding performance range, the fat tire scooter is perfectly suited to your travel needs. Whether it is commuting, visiting friends and family, it is very suitable.
The fat tire scooter is self-balancing because it is equipped with extra-wide, straight-line, tubeless tires. The steering of these extra-wide tires is also easy to learn because you are only inclined to turn. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you can park safely on demand even when the scooter is fully loaded and driving at maximum speed.
The fat tire scooter is based on a traditional electric vehicle form, upgraded in hardware and smart parts and has a cool look. It is a streamlined, one-piece frame structure that connects the front and rear wheels to meet the needs of most users. There are no outstanding structures in other positions such as handlebars. In terms of intelligence, because fat tire scooter has a unique product structure such as wide tires and long wheelbase, its turning radius is quite large, and it needs to be skilled and take a while to adapt.
As a new type of travel tool, its handle has a non-slip wear-resistant design, and the grip is good, that is, the rotating anti-slip plastic with force, and there is no slip phenomenon. In the standing area, RND uses foamed TPE anti-vibration pads and adds anti-slip lines, which reduces the high-frequency vibration of the body during riding.
As a short-distance travel tool, fat tire scooter can be folded by the rotation of the front frame, pressing and unlocking, and refolding. The unfolding method is also very simple. Once the handlebar is unlocked from the rear wheel lock, the front frame can be fixed vertically and slightly rotated.
Whether it is equipped with comfortable large tires or long battery life, it solves the need for short-distance travel and improves traffic efficiency. Bolaier is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of fat tire scooter in China. We offer the best Chinese fat tire scooter for sale. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap fat tire scooter with high quality and lower price from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
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