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Kids Drift Trike

The design of the kids drift trike conforms to the principle of ergonomics and is a new healthy entertainment product combined with today's technology. Its beautiful colors, fashionable and varied gameplay can attract children's attention and love it. The kids drift trike has a variety of ways to play, and it is indeed a fun companion for children.
In terms of design, the kids drift trike frame is similar to the frog scooter, but the wheel frame design is similar to the drift car, using the universal wheel, but at the same time using the sliding limit, the wheel can only swing in the range of 180 degrees left and right, unable to A 360-degree rotation is achieved, which allows the car to feel drift when it swings.
In addition, the kids drift trike has three high and low adjustment gears, which can be adjusted to the most appropriate position according to the user's height. The kids drift trike can also be folded quickly, the storage is more convenient, the carrying is more convenient, and the storage space is also relatively small.
The kids drift trike is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that helps it drift on curved suburban walkways. This 36V drift tricycle has a detachable and replaceable wheel drift sleeve. Use them to get drifting fun! Because the kids drift trike has a drift function when used, it is designed as a dual rear brake system for safer emergency braking.
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1. The new disc brakes feature a floating double piston mechanical construction.
2. Rugged and durable, precision workmanship, sophisticated materials, easy to carry, more beautiful, safe, easy to learn.
3. It is especially suitable for children and young people, so that they can get enough exercise.
4. More outdoor sports allow children to enjoy the sun and stay away from computer games.
1. Choose the right venue to eliminate potential safety hazards.
2. Wear a safety helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wristbands before use.
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