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The development course of electric bicycle

Jan 08, 2018

The history of China's electric bicycles, the industry generally recognized as three stages of development: the primary stage of electric bicycles, the beginning of the scale of production stage, speeding development stage.

The primary stage of electric bicycles is also called the early experimental production stage of electric bicycles, from the time of 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly on the four major parts of electric bicycles, motor, battery, charger and controller key technology exploration research. In the development and production of the main production enterprises are spontaneous collection of information, tracking technology, organizational market observation, small-volume market trial delivery, but also made electric bicycles began to enter the consumer's vision, and they gradually recognized to accept.

The second stage is called the first stage of production scale, is due to this time period there are several electric bicycle to advance the opportunity to make in the initial stage of the difficult electric bicycle ushered in a spring, is the industry's development into a large-scale.

The third stage is from 2005 to present, this stage is the Chinese electric bicycle speeding development stage, by the industry dubbed as "the injection well stage". In this time period, with the fierce competition between enterprises greatly stimulated the technological progress and diffusion of new technologies, the industry's technical level greatly improved.