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Use and maintenance of electric bicycles

Jan 08, 2018

1. The height of the saddle and handlebar should be adjusted before using the electric bicycle to ensure the comfort of riding and reduce fatigue. Saddle and handlebar height should vary from person to person, generally the height of the saddle to the rider can be one foot reliable ground for the appropriate (the vehicle should be basically upright), handlebar height to the rider arm flat, shoulder and arm relaxed as appropriate. However, the saddle and handlebar adjustment should first ensure that the pipe and the insertion depth of the riser must be higher than the safety mark Line.

2. The electric bicycle should check and adjust the brake before and after using. The front brake is controlled by the right brake, and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake. The adjustment of the front and rear brakes to the left and right brake handle to achieve half of the stroke can be reliable braking as appropriate;

3. The electric bicycle should check the tightness of the chain before its function. The chain is too tight to ride, too loose is easy to vibrate, rub other parts. The dip of the chain is more suitable for 1-2mm, it can be adjusted properly without pedal riding. When the chain adjustment, first loosen the rear wheel nut, through the uniform spin into the left and right chain screws, adjust the chain tightness, tighten the rear wheel nut can be tightened.

4. Electric bicycles should check the lubrication of the chain before use. Feel and observe the chain shaft rotation is flexible, chain corrosion is serious. If rust or rotation is not flexible, should add appropriate amount of lubricating oil, serious should change the chain.

5. Electric bicycle before riding, should check tire pressure, handlebar steering flexibility, rotation flexibility, circuit, battery capacity, motor working conditions and lighting, speakers, fasteners and so on whether to meet the requirements of use.