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Frog Kick Scooter

The frog kick scooter combines mechanics and ergonomics and is the safest and most fashionable exercise bike. Its structural, safety, flexibility and handling are extremely precise tests, and the overall shape is sturdy and durable; using the principle of left and right sliding, the thrust is generated by the outward thrust of the legs and the inward-inward joint mode, which can naturally move to the usual activities. The sartorius muscle.
The main source of the driving force of the frog kick scooter is two rear wheels. The two rear wheels are set as the universal wheel structure. When the two legs are standing on the two pedals during the movement, the two legs are repeatedly made to open and close, and the driving force is.
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* Set games and sports in one;
* Improves the amount of movement of the inner thigh muscles;
* It adopts quick-loading structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to carry;
* The rear wheel independent brake control allows the rider to control freely, and can control the steering with the rider;
* The double stop pad design increases the rider's position in different positions to increase the fun;
* The rear wheel uses a PU perfusion wheel, with a rocking slide control spring, so that the rear wheel naturally slides and repeatedly swings to increase the speed of travel.
* The curved extended length frog kick scooter handlebar is more comfortable and stronger, and the plating process is more beautiful.
* The sturdy and wearable non-toxic hand grip makes the child feel more comfortable and comfortable.
* The handlebars are easily removable for easy storage and the screws that secure the handlebars are indestructible.
* Four-speed adjustable handlebar height marble design, all-aluminum high-grade buckle, suitable for children of different heights.
* The unique brake system, high-grade pu wheels, convenient and safe folding design provide the perfect feeling.
* The well-designed pedals of high-grade new materials are more sturdy, more beautiful and cool.
The frog kick scooter is more convenient to store and carry. It is very suitable for children to take it to the park and the square in their leisure time.
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