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Micro Scooters

The sturdy, refined and stylish micro scooters are great choice for kids toys. The high-end luxury micro scooters have sturdy frame and sturdy wheels for stability. With its luxurious handles and exciting suspension, this top scooter is as smooth as possible.
Micro scooter is designed for saddle-seats for low-age babies. This dress and body comfort design allows the baby to sit comfortably and to develop a child's sense of balance. The adjustable height can be adapted to the height of the baby at different ages, and the comfortable size can be adjusted as desired. Flexible ball bearings can easily perform gravity steering inadvertently, while the patented steering safety lock ensures maximum safety for your child.
For the baby, the micro scooter is not just a travel tool, it is also a learning machine. Playing a scooter can enhance your baby's balance and promote the overall fit of the body, waist, arms and legs. At the same time, in the process of playing micro scooters, the baby will continue to experience the process of failure to success, which will make the child become daring and more persevering.
Micro scooter is for kids who want all the fun, stability and good safety design of the Mini, but they are ready for bigger, cooler and more robust scooters. Your child can ride the micro scooters smoothly and confidently on the pavement and park while further developing their balance and coordination skills. With adjustable handlebars, the micro scooter is the ideal scooter for mini-fans who want to continue riding their favorite models.
Stylish, sophisticated and minimalist, micro scooters have high-quality PU wheel for the fastest speed and minimal effort, allowing you to stay in touch with your kids or just commute quickly and safely. The lower deck achieves a comfortable ride by not having to tilt when kicking the ball.
Bolaier is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of micro scooters in China. We offer the best Chinese micro scooters for sale. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap micro scooters with high quality and lower price from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
* It has been carefully designed to have absolute stability.
* Equipped with a unique damping system, it doesn't feel bumpy.
* Telescopic handlebar and comfortable handles.
* Designed with lightweight aluminum for durability and portability.
* Can be easily mastered and helps to develop a child's balance and coordination skills.
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