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How To Choose Electric Scooter

Jan 08, 2018

Now the market has a lot of electric scooter brand, how to choose the right for you this is the key, choose a good scooter, not only to do the appearance of a unique look, and quality assurance.

When riding a scooter, the most touching foot is the pedal. So the pedal is more critical, it is best to choose the top has a scrub non-slip mat scooter, so as to avoid the play in the process of slipping, to protect the personal safety. Also have a very good bearing capacity, otherwise people will be on the moment to bend, pedal bending will affect the entire skateboard car structure, not only can not let people play handy will also create danger, and the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kg below weight.

Of course, easy to fall is the size of the wheel, the use of materials have a close relationship. Try to choose a larger wheel and soft material, so that its buffering effect is greater, encountered small ditch or uneven road will be much safer to ensure that it will not be harmed.

Braking is the most important, it is related to human security issues. The brakes are located at the top of the rear wheel, when you choose to use a foot pedal to check whether the brakes are flexible and comfortable, but also in play with the correct posture.