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The Predecessor Of Electric Scooter

Jan 08, 2018

Electric scooter is a new product form after the traditional skateboard. Electric scooter is very energy-saving, fast and long voyage capability. The car is beautiful in shape, easy to operate and safer to drive. It is a very suitable choice for a friend who likes to live conveniently, and adds a little fun to life.

At least 100 years ago, the original scooter had been handmade in industrialized cities. A common hand-made scooter is the wheel of a skating shoe under a board, a handle, and a rough pivot with a tilted body or a second board, made of wood, with 3-4 inch (75-100 mm) wheels and steel ball bearings. Another "advantage" of this structure is that it is loud, like a "real" car. Another structure is to divide a metal skate into two parts, the middle is connected by wooden beams.

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